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5 Non-Lingerie Wardrobe Ideas for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

You’ve found your perfect photographer and booked your very own luxury boudoir photoshoot experience! Now, what will you wear??

It’s time to select your wardrobe and start dreaming up a customized session to suit your unique personality and style. Sounds a bit daunting, right? Don’t worry, lady! I’m here to help. Let’s review five non-lingerie wardrobe ideas for your boudoir photoshoot here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

To start, as soon as you book your boudoir photoshoot session with me, a beautiful little welcome packet is sent straight to your door. This packet has everything you’ll need to start prepping for the big day. From when to start booking your maintenance appointments like hair trims or a root touch-up to prepping your skin the night before your photoshoot. This packet also includes a complete lingerie guide so you’ll know exactly where to shop and what pieces will best flatter your figure in photos.

However, your boudoir session doesn’t have to be all about bra and panty sets. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be about lingerie at all. What else is there? Let’s explore some options!

1. The Bodysuit

Edgy fashion boudoir image of a woman in a blue silk body suit on a white background with a hard shadow

This is by far one of my favorite options! Bodysuits are super versatile, and there are about a million options to choose from when it comes to style. Go sexy with an ultra-low-cut bodysuit. Go glam with a silk bodysuit like the image above. Keep it super sleek with a black mock neck and long-sleeved bodysuit. You really can’t go wrong here! This silky-looking number is from LuLu’s.

2. The Sexy Blazer

Maternity Boudoir Photograph of a pregnant woman in a white suit jacket and bra.

Like seriously, shut the front door! Look at this gorgeous mama-to-be rocking a gorgeous lacey bra with this sexy blazer. There are a variety of poses we can do with a look like this. The best part – You’ve got your hair and makeup done; let’s dress up your look for a quick new headshot and then lose the blouse or unbutton the blazer to slip into those boudoir vibes.

3. The Simple White Bedsheet

Artistic black and white boudoir Photography of a naked woman wearing a white sheet gazing off to the side in a greek like boudoir pose. Image by Andrea Liora Studios in San Francisco CA.

Why overcomplicate things?? This is a Boudoir photoshoot, after all. Why not just wear something found in the boudoir 😉 White sheet sets are some of my absolute favorites! They are timeless, you never have to worry about the fit, we can drape it across your body for a greek goddess look, and you can go nude while still covering any bits you aren’t comfortable sharing on camera. So many wins!

4. Totally Stripped Down

Fine Art Nude black and white silhouette boudoir image of a pregnant woman with light shining on the front of her body.

That’s right! Just go nude. No shopping is necessary I absolutely LOVE creating Fine Art Nude images or Bodyscapes for my clients. These images are stunning and 100% timeless. These are also the images my clients typically select to use as wall art in their homes because we literally make art with your own body! These can easily be made to look anonymous, so your house guests have no idea whose bum or breast they are actually looking at 🙂

5. Thigh High Boots!

Edgy high contrast black and white boudoir portrait of a woman in a low cut black body suite by Andrea Liora Studios in San Francisco.

Girl, the taller the boots, the better! You honestly can’t go wrong with a pair of black thigh-high boots. Leather, suede, velvet… the choice is yours. This fancy footwear will bring out your confidence as soon as you zip them up. I’ve had clients wear these with nothing at all, with lacey lingerie, and I’ve worn them myself (seen above) with a solid black bodysuit. Every option works!

Need more ideas? I have an entire wardrobe guide devoted to non-lingerie wardrobe options! I always encourage my clients to bring a mix of lingerie and non-lingerie pieces to their photoshoot. It creates so much more variety in your images and, in turn, makes for a really fun boudoir album or heirloom folio box. These options also allow you to use your images for more than just one purpose. Especially if you aren’t keen on sharing your lingerie-clad photos with your friends and family over socials (But don’t let me stop you from doing so!! I’m an over-sharer)… but if you’re feeling shy, maybe that bodysuit or blazer will feel more comfortable to share. Ready to talk about booking your session with me in the San Francisco Bay Area? Complete this form, and I’ll reach out to you to schedule your free pre-session Zoom consultation. We’ll get to know each other and go over details like availability, wardrobe, hair & makeup options, and image packages.


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