I want every woman to walk away from her session feeling beautiful, confident,

and in love with herself, exactly as she is.

It's important to discuss style because I believe that boudoir shoots can be powerful and even life-changing. They can also be damaging if not approached professionally and executed in the vein a client has envisioned. It is crucial to choose a photographer whose style resonates with you.


My biggest piece of advice: Ask yourself, "How do I want to be photographed"? Then look for a photographer who has those types of images in their portfolio. A boudoir shoot is not the time to just price shop.


Not all boudoir photography or photographers are the same. Some photographers pose clients in a sexy vibe intended for the "male gaze"; others go for a 'pearls and heels' look or vintage pin-up. Some use a lot of props, furniture, or costumes in their work. My particular look is none of the above!


I call my style "minimalist - cool girl - ooh la la." That makes sense, right? ;)

I focus on the subject and her unique form. I use both natural and artificial light to achieve beautiful highlights and gorgeous shadows across the body. I am a BIG lover of black and white images, but I provide a healthy mix of color and black and white portraits for my clients. I want EVERY woman of EVERY age and EVERY body type to feel seen, absolutely gorgeous, and confident in her skin. My typical client may gift their images to a partner, but they decide to book a session for themselves first and foremost.


I hope this helps in finding your perfect photographer!



Minimalist. Cool Girl. Ooh La La.


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