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I'm andrea

My background: I moved to California in 2018 with my husband and beloved beagle mix from Texas. I hold a BFA in photography from The Art Institute. When I'm not in my Oakland studio, you'll find me sipping wine on the beach, exploring national parks, or consuming some form of Harry Potter and the rest of the Wizarding World. I became a mother to a baby girl earlier this year! I will keep you all up to date on that journey and am certain I will want lots of support and friendship from fellow mamas!


My purpose as a photographer: As women, we frequently struggle with self-love, and we put everyone else's needs and happiness before our own. We look in the mirror and don't always love what we see because we wish we were 5 pounds lighter, or focus on that little wrinkle that wasn't there a year ago. We find every excuse to not celebrate the amazing badass women we are.


I understand how easy it is to not love yourself. I went through five years of lousy times, I call them the terrible twenties. To give you a short but dramatic recap... divorce, learning to date as an adult, being run over by an actual car, a touch of PTSD... Honey, I was done with my twenties. I felt a mega lack of self-confidence during those times. And sometimes, even though I'm in a pretty great place now (hello 30's) - those memories still get the best of me.


We all need a giant reminder of how f-ing great we are from time to time. To embrace the bodies we live in right now, and to love ourselves for everything we've been through. Even if we're not at our "goal weight," or if we haven't learned to appreciate our literal or metaphorical scars just yet. A boudoir session will change the way you see yourself. THAT is why I do what I do. Because I believe every woman deserves to see a gorgeous, raw portrait of herself and feel proud of whatever season of life she is in. I want to help you celebrate your unique femininity and create stunning images of you that will last a lifetime.

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XO Andrea

Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It's a state of mind.

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