How A Boudoir Session Can Help After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A beautiful, 24-year-old woman, Michelle, decided to book a boudoir session with me just days after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis. She said she wanted to celebrate and memorialize her body before beginning chemotherapy and before having surgery.

It is an absolute honor to be her photographer. As some of you may know, my mother is a breast cancer survivor, and so was my grandmother, so it was a request that truly pulled at my heart. I am here to serve any woman when she most needs to see her beauty and power. Whether that be before, or after surgery, or both. Because she is a goddess always, and she deserves to be celebrated.

Here is what Michelle says about her boudoir experience:

“Every photo made me feel sexy in a way that I just hadn’t since my diagnosis. It felt like the part of me that might admire my body for a second in the mirror before stepping in the shower could finally, truly come out and enjoy herself. And I’m so glad I let that part of me out before she went away. I’m sure she’ll be back, but right now, things are tougher. It’s not easy to feel sexy during chemotherapy, let’s just say that.

When all is done and I’ve had my mastectomies and my reconstruction, I’m looking forward to doing another shoot. A boudoir photo shoot is like therapy for body acceptance. It’s a place to own your body, own your sexuality, own every single part of yourself.

Interested in reading more about Michelle’s experience? She has started a blog to help support and educate other breast cancer thrivers. Check out her full boudoir post here.





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